Our donation to the Food Bank & next charity - Sexual Health Centre // The Karma Blog

Friday, August 5, 2016

Saskatoon’s first conscious cafe opened on April 15th with much enthusiasm and community support. Inspiring community supported acts of doing good, the Karma Conscious Café & Eatery supports a charitable organization with 3% of its earnings over a three month period. Now, three months after opening, The Karma announced its donation to the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre this evening at a special event at 6pm at the cafe. In addition, the next selected charity was announced for the next three month period - Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon.

Sexual Health Centre (SHC) is a provider of clinical and support services for sexual health in Saskatoon. SHC would like to see information and services related to sexuality and reproductive health provided to everyone as a basic human right. According to Vivek Patawari, co-owner of the Karma, "SHC was chosen as our next charity because they are doing such great work related to sexuality and reproductive health in our community".

The driving principle behind the Karma is the importance of doing good deeds (karma). The
behind the Karma believe what goes around comes around. The owners and employees bring this belief into The Karma everyday. Since they have an opportunity to nourish people, they want to take it a step further by giving back in form of charity and donations from
everything they sell.

“From a young age our parents always mentioned importance of doing good deeds “karma” and that is what we have tried to practice, and bring to the Karma everyday. Community driven businesses such as the Karma is a radical idea in Saskatoon, and we are here to champion this model”, says Vivek.

“We are very excited to see new models of businesses supporting the charities through purchases and direct donation that bring people together to build community. We are fortunate to have been selected by the Karma Community as the first charity to partner in building community”, said Laurie O’Connor, Executive Director of the Saskatoon Food Bank.